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Applications are not currently being accepted. Please check back in 2024.

The Empowering Justice Charitable Foundation is proud to offer scholarships and awards in honor of 1st LT Justice R. Stewart. Staying committed to our mission of providing pathways out of poverty and empowering youth, our foundation collects the net proceeds from hosted events and gives back to the community, a gesture which minutely defines Justice's character.


Each scholarship or award has an online application. Please carefully review your selection for further information. 

1st LT Justice R. Stewart Legendary Leadership Award

1st LT Justice R. Stewart military picture

Leadership, service, integrity and commitment were key areas of focus throughout Justice’s life. This scholarship is available to Seniors attending a Richland School District Two high school located in South Carolina. 


For this scholarship award, direct questions to Maria Owens, Director of Strategic Partnerships, at

We are not currently accepting applications for this scholarship.


The deadline to apply was March 31, 2023.


A Call for Justice: Impaired Driving PSA Scholarship Award

1st LT Justice R. Stewart was out an evening run when she struck by a vehicle operated by a drunk driver and killed at the young age of 25. The family of 1st LT Stewart understands the impact this has on family. We want to help those affected by a drunk or drugged driving crash lead a successful life by easing at least some of the financial burden of pursuing higher education.

This scholarship is available to residents of North Carolina and South Carolina who are victims of a drunk or drugged driving crash and high school Seniors in North Carolina and South Carolina who want to impact change and see a world free of drunk and drugged driving. 

The deadline to apply was May 6, 2023.

Justice at Spelman (1)_edited.jpg

Poetically Powerful Scholarship Award

Justice - Spoken Word.jpg

Justice R. Stewart was a Richland Northeast High School graduate and a published poet. In 2019, she self-published her first book of poetry, Kairos. Justice was ambitious, confident, and believed in speaking your truth.

She loved spoken word and loved writing her poems in different shapes. 

There are many reasons that draw people to read and write poetry. The Empowering Justice Charitable Foundation wants to help keep the passion for poetry alive in young generations. 

This scholarship is open to seniors at Richland Northeast High School located in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Justice R. Stewart published her first book of poetry under her pen name Jay Regine', which has recently been changed to Kween Regine, a wish posthumously fulfilled by her family.


Written by Jay Regine'

A story that is and has always been

a struggle to find what lies within

Now a tale that must begin

but only by a poet's pen.

The deadline to apply was May 6, 2023.

Justice (5).jpg

Empowering Justice Leading Legacy Award

Justice in Uniform (2).jpg

The Empowering Justice Leading Legacy Award was established in memory of Justice Regine’ Stewart who was a First Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, a published poet and a 2018  graduate of Spelman College.  She is the 2nd Spelmanite to complete the Morehouse NROTC program to become an officer in the USMC.  The scholarship will provide one-time financial assistance to a qualifying student to pursue their dreams of earning a college degree and becoming a diverse leader in the officer corps. The scholarship award is $2,000. 

We are accepting applications! 


The deadline to apply is October 13, 2023.

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